Our Growers

It’s the relationship we have with our growers that means the most to us. They trust us, not just with the top end work, but as a resource for their farms as well. We listen and collaborate, which makes us all better farmers and business people.

Meet Our Growers

At Silver Valley Farms, knowing how dedicated our growers are to producing only the highest-quality berries is a source of pride for us. It’s why we go out of our way to support their farming operations as much as we can.

Our Grower Stories

At Silver Valley Farms, we like to think of our growers as part of the family. We take time to get know each of our growers and their farms so that we can provide them with the best possible advice and support. After all, they’re an important part of what we do.

  • Silver Valley Farms - Chong Farms
    Blueberry Farm

    Chong Farms

    Expertise, availability and technical advice that they can count on: these are just three of the reasons why Nancy Chong and her family enjoy working so closely with Silver Valley Farms.

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  • Silver Valley - M&M Pacific Coast Farms
    Blueberry Farm

    M&M Pacific Coast Farms

    The relationship between M&M Pacific Coast Farms and Silver Valley Farms goes back more than a decade. For Paul Gill, a shared pride and mutual respect makes for a great business relationship.

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Service & Support

Silver Valley Farms knows the business of blueberry farming is two-fold in that it requires both on-field and off-field support. Here’s what we offer our growers.

On-field Support

  • Field scouts to monitor the condition of your plants and the soil.
  • Annual third-party auditors to ensure good farming practices and high food safety standards are upheld.
  • Horticulture and food safety teams help with crop maintenance and harvest so you’re free to manage your other farm work.
  • Prompt problem solving: our experts are a phone call away.

Off-field Support

  • Cost sharing services so you’re competitive while remaining connected.
  • Support from the Silver Valley Farms industry relations representatives. As an active rep on industry committees, we can help increase your industry experience and exposure by connecting your company with industry groups and connecting with local, provincial and federal government ministries.
  • The opportunity to participate in workshops, seminars, and meetings.
  • Distribution of timely and important information.

Working With Silver Valley Farms

Farming is a difficult but gratifying career. While we’re always concerned about pests, diseases, weeds, plant longevity, and the security of our crops, we also believe the farm is central to everything and that it needs to be financially beneficial to the grower. Our growers can benefit significantly when they work with us because they’re able to be part of one of the best, most trusted production and distribution companies in Canada.

At Silver Valley Farms, we generate our own research and development on new plant varieties, plant health and growing capabilities and fruit qualities. Some of our team members sit on national and international boards like the BC Blueberry Council, the US High-Bush Blueberry and the North American Blueberry Council. We’re also recognized by government as a reliable source of industry data and expertise.

We believe in and support our growers. We care about them as individual companies and as part of a larger industry. What we’ve found is that the best way to grow our businesses is to have a strong, unified community. That’s why when you join us, you can:

  • Remain independent but gain the benefits of being part of a team
  • Share service costs with other farms in the group
  • Learn up-to-date farm and plant management from each other and industry experts
  • Make use of our own Silver Valley Farms experts whenever you need them.

Become A Grower

Join Silver Valley Farms. You’ll benefit from our team work and high standards and so will the people who work with you.


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