Our Berries

Our philosophy shows through in every detail of our business: from the way we tend our land to the way we harvest our fruit. We’re committed to producing a healthy, high-quality product that’s bursting with juicy goodness and good taste. To us, they’re not just berries: they’re snacks for active kids, breakfasts for busy commuters and desserts for happy diners. At Silver Valley Farms, our berries don’t have to be good. They have to be the best.

Quality & Expertise

We know a lot about berries: we’ve been growing them commercially for three generations. Because farming is our way of life, we take great care with the land, the plants, and, of course, the fruit.

It all begins in the field.

  • While the berries are growing, we use a preventative approach which minimizes the use of chemicals.
  • Our field scouts closely monitor the condition of our plants. This way, we are able to use biological controls and eliminate or minimize the use of chemicals.
  • Silver Valley Farms and all our associate farms are third-party audited every year. This means our farming practices are carefully monitored, giving us confidence in our food safety practices – an assurance we pass on to our consumers.

From the field, our berries are picked and processed promptly in our plant so only the freshest and best go to market.

  • Our state-of-the-art facility guarantees only top-quality berries are sent to consumers.
  • Our plant is strategically located so that all our farms are in close proximity so that, within hours of picking, the field heat is  removed from the berries and they are cleaned and packed by our trained staff.

Seasonality & Crop Info

We grow several varieties of northern highbush blueberries. Each variety ripens at a different time to take advantage of the growing season from July through September. Even though the harvest accounts for only three months of the year, the berries freeze better than any other fruit so consumers can enjoy Silver Valley Farms blueberries year-round.

Our Products

Silver Valley offers fresh, frozen and bulk juice. We package in various sizes and can work with customers to meet specific needs.


Bulk Boxes (10 lb)

IQF – Frozen

Carton (30 lb)
Poly Bags