The Biln Family considers our impact on the environment in everything we do, and we have always valued the wildlife in our area. We manage our fields with that in mind.

We have never, and will never, shoot bears on our land, or authorize or give permission for someone else to do so.

That’s why we were deeply upset by a recent media story naming us as the landowner who gave permission for hunters to shoot a bear with a crossbow on our property on June 14. This is not the case. The hunters did not have our permission and we do not condone their actions.

We appreciate the quick response by Global News in updating their story with this information when we brought it to their attention.

Bear Management Practices

With increasing property development, without a wildlife management plan, the bears have been pushed closer to our property in their search for space and food.

At our farms we work to improve our bear management practices every year. Our harvest planning and management considers bear activity and where we’ve experienced the most significant bear pressure, we have installed fencing or electric fencing around fields. When prudent, we have consulted with conservation officers when there is concern about worker safety during harvesting.

We are happy to answer questions from our customers and the public about these efforts.

Biln Family